Solange Knowles victim of alleged Racist Abuse

So over on BBC News at a recent concert Solange (Beyonce’s sister, lets be honest that’s how we remember her) was a victim of racist abuse.

Here’s some snipets.


Solange Knowles has published a blog post in response to the hate she says she received at a concert she was at with her son.

In it Beyonce’s sister explains how she had wanted the Kraftwerk gig in New Orleans to be a “family Friday night”.

Solange claims she was singled out before the end of the first song by a group of four white women who yelled at her to “sit down”.

She says they then threw half-eaten limes at them.

The singer claims there were plenty of people standing and dancing too but believes she was singled out for being black.

Soon after the concert the 30-year-old took to Twitter to share her experience.


Now that’s the short hand of the story, firstly head over to BBC news to read the full story

and Solange Knowles twitter to read more of her reaction to this


Music you’ve changed

After what can be described as an extended sabbatical (7 years!!) I am back to blogging all things music. Many of you who visited and commented on my blog so many years back I want to say thank you and hopefully I can entice you back. There will be a few changes, including music reviews, appreciation/biography posts, music content, upcoming artists, crucially music news and general riff raff so I hope you come along and join (re-join) the ride!

So what has happened in music in the last 7 years?

Well Beyonce is still as popular as ever remaining unchallenged by the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry and Adele. Oh yeah and Adele, blimey! She sells more than anyone could have imagined. Rihanna’s singing is still so-so (listen to higher from her new album!) but she still sells and releases a few bangers, “We found love”, “Diamonds” etc, but Ri Ri I still love you.


Justin Bieber has taken the world by storm and by storm I literally mean he has shocked me to the core. I mean at first I didn’t like the guy and his music, only natural right? Then all of a sudden the last few years his music has gotten good (wtf?!?!) he goes from Baby to Love yourself and Confident, I aint complaining they are some good ass tunes.

Chris Brown unfortunately has not quite recovered from the madness that I covered all those years back. At one point he looked like he might be sane, he released some bangers. “Loyal” and “New flame” come to mind. We can all admit even though Chris may be a little bat shit crazy (please don’t sue me) but he can still produce some good stuff.

Where do I start with Drake? I think the flack he gets for being soft is incredibly harsh. He makes some tunes which appeal to all, what’s the problem? “Forever”, “One Dance” and “Hotline Bling” are such good songs it’s unreal. Rap for me has been in a sad state in the last few years, in fact it’s kind of disappeared. The days of Tupac, Biggie, NWA and the like are of course long gone, but such a sharp decline makes me quite sad. Anyway!

Perhaps the biggest star to appear out of nowhere (I know arguably I’m talking crap), SIA! Everything she touches (sings) turns to gold. Her voice is quite unreal, her songs are catchy and her image is on point.

Sooooooooo, 7 years of music in a short few paragraphs obviously do it no justice. I covered Bieber, Rihanna, Beyonce, Sia, Adele, Chris Brown and Drake, but there are so many missing acts. David Guetta changed music for a while, allowing so many DJs to become prominent. But not only that, acts like Avicii gained a lot from this. One Direction revived the boyband genre, their songs are largely inoffensive so I won’t comment. Forgot to mention talent shows, how terrible have they been? American idol and x factor have both gone, The Voice is gimmicky as anything and not particularly any good. At least in the UK X Factor has survived (for now!) but something needs to be down about these competitions they are done so terribly and the talent is often ruined.

Please leave comments below on all the acts you think have been particularly good over the last few years and all those who I have missed out and watch out for new posts! And listen below for what I consider the best song of the last 7 years.

Frank Ocean how I love thee, never leave us again….

Susan Boyle – Internation Superstar

Susan Boyle has become an overnight success all around the globe, appearing on Larry King and every newspaper all around the world. Soon enough she will appear on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ her rendition of ‘I dreamed a dream’ has seen comments from the biggest stars all around the world including Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.
Susan Boyle will soon appear in PlayDude magazine as its cover model and she will pocked $2.6 million, a new bentley for here troubles. And for those who haven’t heard it here it is:Susan Boyle has become an overnight success all around the globe, appearing on Larry King and every newspaper all around the world.

chris brown and rihanna

New Update: From
Sexually explicit messages from a woman left on Chris Brown’s cell phone is what led to the brutal beating of Rihanna, has learned exclusively.

For the first time, we can tell you how it all went down.

Sources tell that the day before Clive Davis-pre Grammy Awards bash, Rihanna , who has the pass code to Chris’ phone and constantly checks his voice and text messages, “freaked out” when she found a series of graphic sexual text messages to the R&B singer from a woman that he’s been seeing behind her back.

“They had a huge fight, and Chris tried to make things better to get through Grammy weekend,” said an insider. “But they were still sniping at each other when they went to Clive Davis party together. But at the party, Rihanna kept checking his phone and she was just driving him crazy”

“It got so bad that Chris, who was drinking wine throughout the night, left the party 30 minutes early and waited for her in the lobby.”

“After the party, she came out and they bickered the whole time that they waited for valet to get the car.”

According to the insider, Rihanna continued to “harangue” him about other girls constantly calling and texting him.

“Chris was woozy to begin with, and when Rihanna slapped him during her tirade he pulled to the side of the side of the street in Hancock Park.”

The source says it was then that the fight escalated and Chris off went off on her.

The insider adds that Chris has been trying to break up with Rihanna since New Year’s – he’s only 19 and wants to see other women, but she didn’t want to let hm go.

Obviously there has been rumors about bite marks on her arm but the question you have to ask is no one just bites someone out of nowhere there is more to this trust me.

this is thoughts on the story:
They were in the car leaving the Clive Davis party. While Chris was driving, he got a phone call from a young lady. Our source tells us that Rihanna knew that Chris had been messing around with this particular girl and she has, as of late, been the reason for many of their heated arguments. Rihanna got a glimpse of the phone, saw the name and number and immediately recognized who it was. She went ballistic and began to “beat the sh*t” out of Chris (while driving). She was so uncontrollable, that Chris began to fight back in self defense, which ensued the fight. Rihanna’s rage stemmed from Chris’ questionable fidelity in the last few months.

Beyonce And Jay-z Buy House

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z have reportedly splashed out on a new house. 

The newlyweds have purchased a home in Scarsdale, a quiet New York suburb close to where they got married last month. The colonial-style house has reportedly been under construction for six months and the 15,000 sq ft property is situated on two acres of land. 

Quiet Scarsdale is very different from where the couple’s current home is – a penthouse apartment in New York’s trendy TriBeCa district. The first indicator that the couple were planning to marry came when they registered for a license in Scarsdale in April. 

Shortly after applying for permission to wed, Beyonce and Jay-Z exchanged vows in a private ceremony at a chapel in Scarsdale Village. Reports then emerged that the former Destiny’s Child star may be pregnant. 

Last year, Beyonce insisted she wouldn’t pressurise 38-year-old Jay-Z into having children, saying: “You can’t rush a man into anything whether it’s a relationship, marriage or having children. When he’s ready he’ll let you know.” 

Michael Jackson In A Wheelchair

Michael Jackson turned up in a wheelchair to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship in Las Vegas at the weekend. 
The ‘Thriller’ singer – who rarely makes public appearances – tried to disguise himself by wrapping a coat around his face and wearing sunglasses as he entered the MGM Grand Hotel in the medical aid. 

Jackson witnessed Jenna Jameson’s boyfriend Tito Ortiz get beaten by Lyoto Machida during the evening. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a US-based mixed martial arts(MMA) organisation, which is recognised as the largest MMA promotion in the world. 

As well as attending the evening of bouts, Jackson went to Los Angeles’ Peterson Automotive Museum to celebrate the 50th birthday of designer Christian Audigier. 

Jackson – dressed in a blue satin military and western-themed shirt – took to the stage to say a few words about his friend. 

The pop superstar said: “Christian is the king of fashion.” 
Pamela Anderson, Fergie and Britney Spears also attended the bash. 

Diddy denies Tupac murder claims

if (booMacIE==true){ document.write(strAdvertisement); } P Diddy has strongly denied a report in the Los Angeles Times that he was responsible for the 1994 robbery and shooting of Tupac Shakur at a New York recording studio, and that he knew about the attack which was methodically planned.

“The story is a lie,” the hip-hop mogul said in a statement Monday. “It is beyond ridiculous and completely false. Neither (the late rapper Notorious B.I.G.) nor I had any knowledge of any attack before, during or after it happened.

“I am shocked that the Los Angeles Times would be so irresponsible as to publish such a baseless and completely untrue story.” The Times said its story was based on FBI records, interviews with people at the scene of the 1994 shooting.

OneRepublic frontman teams up with Clarkson

OneRepublic frontman teams up with Clarkson OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder has confirmed that he is working on new material with Kelly Clarkson.

Tedder, who co-wrote and produced Leona Lewis’s number one hit ‘Bleeding Love’, told DS that Clarkson’s new songs will feature “big choruses” and “heavy drum programming”.

He also revealed that the songs are influenced by nineties electro-rockers Garbage, while one song, a mid-tempo rock ballad, features an experimental bridge inspired by Mozart.

Clarkson reportedly clashed with her record label over the musical direction of her last album, 2007’s My December, after Sony BMG chief Clive Davis deemed it less commercial than her previous releases.