Channing Tatum Lip Sync Battle

Now all my friends know I’m late to everything, I’m that guy who finds out something happened lets say months after the fact. So this brings me to the Channing Tatum lip sync battle I just stumbled across on YouTube. The show is undoubtedly cringey but also interesting in its own way, so the Tatum/Beyonce battle becomes epic simply for her appearance. For those who haven’t seen it, look below;



Johnny Cash Appreciation

johnny-spotlightSo, Johnny Cash. The first appreciation post. First and foremost, he was a legend, admittedly much of the information that I’m going to use is from Walk the Line (Watch it if you haven’t seen it, seriously!) and from Wikipedia. Johnny Cash, born in 1932, had a tough upbringing and of course he’s well known but I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves when you think of the reputation the likes of Bob Dylan had, Johnny gets side-lined. His relationship with June Carter should be celebrated, it can’t be a coincidence that Johnny passed away shortly after she did.

His performances at Folsom Prison at the time was quite unheard of, they revered him and rightly so. From the footage and music, we have heard/seen, the place was electric, to get that reaction from prisoners is pretty great huh? His voice unlike so many before and after him remained so consistent live and on a track, credit where credit is due.

Whilst writing this appreciation piece I stumbled across a really neat (yeah I went there) article called “78 Things You Didn’t Know About Johnny Cash” (link). I’m not going to rehash what the article said, because come on that’s just sad *ahem* rather I’m gonna pick out a few juicy facts I quite liked;

  • Cash adopted his signature all-black suits as a good luck charm after he wore a black t-shirt and jeans to his first public performance.
  • Jonny took only one voice lesson, after which the teacher advised him not to let anyone change the way he sang. (Thank you singing teacher, we love you)
  • His parents named him J.R. Cash as a compromise between the names “John” and “Ray.” When he enlisted in the Air Force, Cash gave his name as “John R. Cash.” (Why oh why did you lie to me walk the line!!!)
  • Richard Nixon was Cash’s favourite president. (So he wasn’t perfect then, side stepping the drug addiction I know)

But anyway definitely go and check it out, if I had the energy to write something like that I most definitely would, but seriously I don’t get paid for this sooooooo probably not going to happen anytime soon.

Moving onto his songs, any Johnny Cash fan knows his popular ones. “Walk the line” and “God’s gonna cut you down” are two of my favourites. According to that article I linked to a man named Carl Perkins suggested it. I think what appeals most to me about “God’s gonna cut you down” is the beat behind it, so simple yet so effective. Then “Walk the line” just has this old fashioned American country vibe to it that exudes a quality to it.

Jonny has a few grammy’s to his name and an epic final album of covers titled “American IV: The Man Comes Around” which is so good knowing that he died shortly after, the emotion and passion he gives is so heartfelt. “Hurt” on that final album feels so authentic if you look at it as a love letter to June, which is all the more heartbreaking. Johnny is an absolute legend of that I have no doubt I hope you enjoyed this little appreciation piece and give a listen to my favourite Johnny track below. Good day, chums and please do share with friends and well wishers!


Blue Ivy starting to look like her daddy?

So this is going to be a bit of a random post about Blue Ivy (why are we all so obsessed with the Carters?). Anyway much has always be said about Blue Ivy and how she looks, which is maybe a bit creepy I don’t know, the hilarious comparisons of Blue Ivy and Drake as a child are honestly hilarious.

Let’s be honest there is a mild resemblance between the two that does make you question the parentage (not really, don’t sue me!), to be honest even I have seen kids who look like Blue Ivy. But anyway I digress, people often say Blue looks nothing like Jay-z well cast your peepers on this new picture;


Do we think she’s starting to look more like jay? I think a tiny bit yeah, is that a good thing, *ahem* yes of course.

What do you think?

Music you’ve changed

After what can be described as an extended sabbatical (7 years!!) I am back to blogging all things music. Many of you who visited and commented on my blog so many years back I want to say thank you and hopefully I can entice you back. There will be a few changes, including music reviews, appreciation/biography posts, music content, upcoming artists, crucially music news and general riff raff so I hope you come along and join (re-join) the ride!

So what has happened in music in the last 7 years?

Well Beyonce is still as popular as ever remaining unchallenged by the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry and Adele. Oh yeah and Adele, blimey! She sells more than anyone could have imagined. Rihanna’s singing is still so-so (listen to higher from her new album!) but she still sells and releases a few bangers, “We found love”, “Diamonds” etc, but Ri Ri I still love you.


Justin Bieber has taken the world by storm and by storm I literally mean he has shocked me to the core. I mean at first I didn’t like the guy and his music, only natural right? Then all of a sudden the last few years his music has gotten good (wtf?!?!) he goes from Baby to Love yourself and Confident, I aint complaining they are some good ass tunes.

Chris Brown unfortunately has not quite recovered from the madness that I covered all those years back. At one point he looked like he might be sane, he released some bangers. “Loyal” and “New flame” come to mind. We can all admit even though Chris may be a little bat shit crazy (please don’t sue me) but he can still produce some good stuff.

Where do I start with Drake? I think the flack he gets for being soft is incredibly harsh. He makes some tunes which appeal to all, what’s the problem? “Forever”, “One Dance” and “Hotline Bling” are such good songs it’s unreal. Rap for me has been in a sad state in the last few years, in fact it’s kind of disappeared. The days of Tupac, Biggie, NWA and the like are of course long gone, but such a sharp decline makes me quite sad. Anyway!

Perhaps the biggest star to appear out of nowhere (I know arguably I’m talking crap), SIA! Everything she touches (sings) turns to gold. Her voice is quite unreal, her songs are catchy and her image is on point.

Sooooooooo, 7 years of music in a short few paragraphs obviously do it no justice. I covered Bieber, Rihanna, Beyonce, Sia, Adele, Chris Brown and Drake, but there are so many missing acts. David Guetta changed music for a while, allowing so many DJs to become prominent. But not only that, acts like Avicii gained a lot from this. One Direction revived the boyband genre, their songs are largely inoffensive so I won’t comment. Forgot to mention talent shows, how terrible have they been? American idol and x factor have both gone, The Voice is gimmicky as anything and not particularly any good. At least in the UK X Factor has survived (for now!) but something needs to be down about these competitions they are done so terribly and the talent is often ruined.

Please leave comments below on all the acts you think have been particularly good over the last few years and all those who I have missed out and watch out for new posts! And listen below for what I consider the best song of the last 7 years.

Frank Ocean how I love thee, never leave us again….