Blue Ivy starting to look like her daddy?

So this is going to be a bit of a random post about Blue Ivy (why are we all so obsessed with the Carters?). Anyway much has always be said about Blue Ivy and how she looks, which is maybe a bit creepy I don’t know, the hilarious comparisons of Blue Ivy and Drake as a child are honestly hilarious.

Let’s be honest there is a mild resemblance between the two that does make you question the parentage (not really, don’t sue me!), to be honest even I have seen kids who look like Blue Ivy. But anyway I digress, people often say Blue looks nothing like Jay-z well cast your peepers on this new picture;


Do we think she’s starting to look more like jay? I think a tiny bit yeah, is that a good thing, *ahem* yes of course.

What do you think?

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