Amy takes award to jail

Amy Winehouse is giving one of her Grammy Awards to her imprisoned husband.

The troubled singer – who won five prizes at the prestigious US music ceremony on Sunday (10.02.08) – wants Blake Fielder-Civil to display the trophy in his prison cell as a symbol of their love.

A source said: “Amy is planning to give Blake one of her beloved Grammy Awards to prove how much she loves him.”

Prison guards at London’s Pentonville Prison will check the golden
gramophone-shaped prize thoroughly to make sure there is nothing hidden inside.

Security must also declare the statue can’t be used as an offensive weapon. Amy dedicated one of her five awards to Blake – who is currently awaiting trial on charges of grievous bodily harm (GBH) and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice – on Sunday.

The ‘Rehab’ star – who performed at the ceremony from London via a satellite link due to problems with her getting a US visa – said: “This is for my mum, my dad and my Blake, my Blake incarcerated.”

is soulja boy dead?


The answer to that question is no. Young rapper soulja boy is not dead there has been two rumours going around about his death,

1. That he was out drinking heavily with his friend Arab and in a hotel room with two girls, jumped out the window, trying to do the ‘Superman’ and said ‘Yoouuuuu!’ whilst falling.

2. That he and his mother died in a car crash.

These suggestions are both incorrect and this is nothing but a media stunt, Soulja Boy’s mother is perfectly alive currently

So for anyone who believes that soulja boy is dead they better listen to something else becuase that is crap!