Timbaland making ‘mobile album’

Timbaland making 'mobile album'


Timbaland will follow up the success of his recent album Shock Value by creating a record exclusively for mobile phones.

The hip-hop producer has signed a deal with U.S. telecommunications company Verizon to produce one song each month in 2008 and release them through Verizon’s V Cast service.

The rapper told Billboard: “Every place don’t get a CD [but] everybody has a mobile phone.”

The project also gives Timbaland an opportunity to break new ground.

“Just producing a mobile album has never been done. I’m the first to ever do it,” he added.

Timbaland will tour the U.S. in a Verizon Mobile Recording Studio Bus and record a mobile track with a new artist each month.

The first Verizon song will feature Keri Hilson while acts such as OneRepublic, Paramore, Chris Cornell and Natasha Bedingfield are all rumoured to be contributing to the album.

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