Amelle thanks Sugababes for ‘saving’ her

Amelle thanks Sugababes for 'saving' her


Amelle Berrabah has claimed that being part of the Sugababes has stopped her from going down the “wrong path”.

The singer joined the group in December 2005 as a replacement for Mutya Buena, who quit because she wanted to focus on motherhood and launching a solo career.

“I used to be a right nightmare before I was in the band. I’d drive my mum round the bend with worry,” Amelle told the Daily Star. “I’d stay out late, or all night, and not let her know where I was. I really could have gone down the wrong path. Then the Sugababes audition came up.”

“I realised then I had the chance to make something of myself and didn’t want to mess around any more,” she continued. “The band saved me. God knows what I’d be doing now if it wasn’t for the girls.”

The Sugababes’ latest album Change, their first with Amelle, has now sold over half a million copies.

Berrabah has not managed to stay out of trouble completely, however. She was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage and committing public order offences last month, while there have also been rumours that she could be axed from the Sugababes due to controversy surrounding her boyfriend Freddie Fuller.


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