Wentz claims ‘Cloverfield’ inspiration

Wentz claims 'Cloverfield' inspiration


Pete Wentz has claimed that Fall Out Boy’s Infinity On High album helped inspire the new monster movie Cloverfield.

The rocker said he spoke to writer Drew Goddard at the film’s premiere, and that he revealed he was listening to their LP while producing the script.

Writing on his official blog, Wentz said: “Basically, I went to the premiere and Drew came up to me. He said the only thing he listened to when he was writing the movie was Infinity On High.

“I thought he was just being nice or blowing smoke up my ass, but we were huge fans of his writing on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Lost, so we kept talking.

“He went on to cite specific songs. He mostly boiled it down to ‘The Take Over, The Break’s Over’, and my mind was blown.

“He said you could sync Infinity and Cloverfield up, like Pink Floyd and The Wizard Of Oz..

“I was like ‘Are you serious?’ and then he said, ‘Well, you probably couldn’t, but if we watched it together I could do it for you’.

“He pointed to some of the lines specifically, mostly on ‘The Take Over, The Break’s Over’. It’s interesting to see someone else’s interpretation of your songs. If you get a chance, check out the movie. And keep your eyes open at the end.”


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